Review: Catherine Deveny – Trollhunter

Originally published 6 April 2014 by Aphra.

Catherine Deveny is not one to shy away from trolls. These ghoulish creatures lurk the dark corners of the Internet and stalk their prey on social media; their targets are more often than not ‘feminazis’ (which is trollspeak for feminists), like Deveny and fellow writer and single mum from Coburg, Van Badham. As Deveny reveals, there is nothing that irritates a troll more than “tits on an opinion.”

Deveny’s show – co-written by Badham, was inspired by the tirade of abuse both women received online from said trolls (who are generally found dwelling in the conservative electorates of the Sunshine Coast), which included, amongst other things, rape and death threats. These real-life attacks are used as the fodder for the cunningly scripted feminist fairy-tale.

Dressed in leather armour, wielding a battle-axe aka “the cock slapper” while narrating from a storybook, Deveny’s Trollhunter comes to the rescue of fellow women who have been harassed by the hideous trolls. Deveny and Badham use fantastical humour to respond to the viscous, gobsmacking, hate-filled abuse directed towards them on Twitter and other forms of social media. In doing so they are able to demonstrate the idiocy of trolls, while reducing the audience to moments of eye-watering laughter.

The Trollhonter is aimed at politically savvy, Left-leaning individuals who will readily identify with Deveny and Badham’s sentiments. As a feminist and a writer who has been on the receiving end of troll hate, I thoroughly enjoyed this wickedly funny show. Deveny puts a humorous spin on the underlying misogyny associated with the phenomenon of trolling and in doing so, offers insight into how to go about combating Internet trolls.


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